Our Portfolio


Seedzz aim's to motivate lifes, This is the most advance and userfriendly application.Seedzz contains 37+ categories and each category having number of quotes. Main section in our app is Home Page,Create page etc. Home page User will receive quotes based on there interest.your followers shared,created,likes,favourited quotes will be display in home .And also available new trends quotes of seedzz,all categories based quotes. Create page - User can create quote images using library and phone gallery images.Created quotes can be shared with followers,can share to selected followers and mainly can share to seedzz server(so that your quotes will be available to all the users who using seedzz. (Live)). External share is allowed Protecting the privacy of our members is a vital part of our ethics.Trying to conceive is a very private matter for both personal and professional reasons.we could not permit the presence of third party advertises or affiliates who could follow and compromise the privacy of our members.Similarly our operation produces and our community have all been enhance to respect the privacy and security of our members.

what we did

  • Creative UI Design
  • Android Development

technologies/Tools used

  • AndroidStudio 3.0
  • Json
  • Core Java
  • PHP
  • FCM
  • Photoshop