Our Portfolio


Why should the lawyers keep an eye always on the calendar? why should you worry about your case schedule? Are you still struggling to manage your team? No more worries... Login to Advotask and get rid of all confusions. Update this new app and schedule your day with perfection. Dont get messed up with the case schedules. Advotask aids all lawyers to know more about the postings, and case schedules. Will let them to know more about the court proceedings too. Numbers are the most forgetful factors. Why should you keep a record of case file numbers. Advotask is there to remind you the most confusing case file numbers too. Enjoy the free version and get upgraded to the paid version to avail the full features.

what we did

  • Creative UI Design
  • Android Development

technologies/Tools used

  • AndroidStudio 3.0
  • Json
  • Core Java
  • PHP
  • FCM
  • Photoshop